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In the beginning, God decided to create a man and a woman. There is another revelation God blessed me with theses days. When the man was created there was no production in the garden of Eden. The responsibility of the man was to take care of the garden. The responsibility of a man in life is that he must be productive.

In the garden, God gave an instruction to Adam not to touch the forbidden fruit. Man is supposed to be productive. Whenever there is a man there should be a change; the change that shows that there is a seed that is going to produce. There is need that the seed be in the right soil that will enable it to germinate.

When God created a woman, her work or responsibility was to incubate the seed; to germinate and grow it. But there is a challenge when there is a woman who comes only to find out that there is no seed to incubate or cover. There will be fights in that place. There will be no peace. There will be fighting because there is one thing the woman has to do, which is to incubate. If not there will be fights.
The man is to make sure there is production in the garden. He was given the power to create what was not in existence. The devil has destroyed the first chapter. The young men are dying. They are lazy. They are drinking and smoking. Some end up in gambling. If you check around there are many beerhalls. Some of the men, you can even see them and think they are real men, yet there is nothing inside them. They will look good outwardly but there Is no wisdom inside.

When there is a man there should be multiplication. There should be inventions; new creations. But there is nothing productive happening these days. The men are not carrying out their responsibility. When Eve comes there will be nothing for her to incubate.

You see a man waking up in the morning to seat in the sun and do nothing. They will tell you that there is nothing to do. You are not born to be poor. Men should deliver and produce a seed. Women, carry out your duty. Cover the seed in order for it to germinate. I am seeing many men going to sangomas for charms to become rich, due to failure to produce a seed. There is no need for that. There are many evil things that men are doing because of poverty.

You need to stand strong and never give up. Speak to that poverty and that challenge. Tell it that it has no power over you and command it out of your life. There are things that are holding you back. Some are scared of the things that are happening. Today, I say to you, you are given the power to rule over all. You are given dominion. In the garden of Eden, the man was given the power to multiply but there are men that are just seating and there is nothing to multiply because they are sleeping.
There is power and ability in you. I don’t know what you are facing. Whether it is sickness, you have the power to command it out. There is nothing that will take away what you have. You have the power. We have been given power to create things and multiply. All that was meant for you will follow you because they belong to you; because you have power and authority over those things.

We are facing a challenge with a generation that does not want to work and wait patiently. They want the fast life. They want to wake up rich. It is important for you to work and to receive that multiplication in your life.
Today, I speak the power of Jesus Christ in your life. May you receive your healing and deliverance. Whatever you have lost in your life, may it be restored back, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. You are supposed to own houses, become a business person. I bring back everything that you have lost.
You are a leader. You may be staying in a shack, but very soon you are going to be staying in a beautiful house. There is no poverty in your life. Why are you not employed? Why?
Go and work !!!!!!!!
Go and Work!!! Go, Go, Go!!!
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
We are serving a mighty God. We are serving a great King. I don’t care if you are old, there is no poverty in your life.
What happened to you? Why are you failing? You are not created to be in that challenge and problem. I am speaking to you. It is a command.
Why are there no manufacturers? Men, why are there no manufacturers? Men are sleeping and doing nothing. Wake up and do something. I break the chain of your forefathers who were not successful. I speak in the mighty name of Jesus. I break it in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. You will not die a failure. Men, why do you want to die without anything? Some spend their time sleeping in bed. There is no wisdom in that. You are a man. You are carrying a seed that needs to germinate and multiply.
Start something new. Employ people because you are given power and dominion. There is a challenge when there are two Eves in your house; when there are two women in your house there is a challenge. You are a man. Women are meant to incubate the seed provided you. If you don’t man up, you will die poor.

I have seen some men that want to stay at a woman’s place. They stay at Eve’s place. They have never bought anything in that house. All they do is seat and do nothing.

In this month of wonders and miracles, there is a seed that must germinate. There are many things that have stolen the seed. I have seen a family without a thing. The man drinks and the children are also drinking and fighting. What kind of vision do you have? Do something extra. We are given the power and ability to multitask. Whatever poverty or struggle you are facing today, you will never see it again.
We function like our Father in heaven. We have his DNA. God is a master planner. We must also plan for our lives and take action.

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