You are a candidate of Favour

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Gen 37 vs20-22

Gen 6 vs 5

Gen 7 vs 17 to 18

The bible talks about God’s mercy on the world. The world was full of evil to the extent that God became very angry and even regrate the creation of the world. The purpose of the world was to Worship and Praise but it ended up a place of sinners. God decided to destroy the whole world, the humans, animals and everything on it.

The Bible continues on to talk about a man who received favor from God. God changed His plans, he might be a drunkard to us but He received Favour from God. He was given authority to start a new generation. God ended up not destroying the world. Noah tried to convince the others, but they did not see it. When God favors you, the world might not understand, might not even join you, might even go against you, but God will not let you go because you are favored.

Today I speak favor in your life, the favor that fall upon Noah be upon you too. In your business family and everything, may all your business be removed from death spirit, may it never die and may you be located by God.

This week is the week of favor, the week of favor be in your life. You are the candidate of favour. I know you have tried it all, but you have failed, I know you see your life, background, your paste and you say to your self that you don’t deserve that favor. Today I say to you as a Prophet of God. I speak favor in your life. I know you tried it all but no result, today receive that favor in Jesus mighty name.

The bible says Joseph received favor in her life, even the life was hard for Him but God was upon him and he received favor in his life. May you receive favor in that hard time you are facing today. There is a special favor in your life today. That Favor is better than a talent and education, it is beyond imagination. Someone with favor, even when standing with nothing in his life and hands he will excel because of favor. I declare in your life, you can be educated, if you do not have favor you will not go far in life.

May you receive that favor in your life

Father bless my sons and daughters

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