There is a place called heaven. Men and women of God represent this place. They belong to God. They do not belong to this world but they belong to the City of the Living God – Heaven. This means that they are ambassadors here on earth. They do not live by the rules of this world but they do what pleases God and the will of Heaven. Their inner being is not the same as an ordinary person. They perform things that are extraordinary and not of this world – things that are known only in Heaven.

Our God is a spirit and so is the devil. He does not have a body and he requires a physical body to get to manifest through, and once he gets the chance he makes sure that that person he has inhabited does bad things. That’s why the Bible says that we need to check the fruits of the man and woman of God because others will appear like servants of God whilst they are under the influence of the devil. They will act the same way as the ones from God yet they are false prophets. They will even prophesy but not from God.

As children of God we need to pray for the spirit of discernment so that we can tell the difference between the ones sent from God and the ones that are fake so that we will not be misled. That means there are people that will claim that they are from God whilst they are not. Their lifestyles do not line up with their message.

What do we mean when we say that the servants of God come from heaven? Listen. They are people who are placed on the earth to do the work of Heaven. Others will sing as ambassadors of heaven on earth because they are bringing down what they are called to do.


Heaven is real. One day you and I will go there. When we have done the will of God we will go there and rest. When Jesus went to heaven, he went to prepare accommodation for us. We do not belong to a place of tears, stagnation, or challenges but we belong to a special place, a holy place. There will be no more hunger, nor will there be any more suffering.


The major responsibility of the servant of God is to preach the Word; to tell the world that though they are on earth there is a place called heaven; to proclaim the message that our souls don’t belong here but to a home in heaven. We are spirits like God, that’s why when we die we can go to heaven where He is. Today, the word coming to you is that we do not belong here. Let us repent and prepare to go to heaven, a place we belong to, the place of joy.


There is a place called heaven and it is real. By watching and listening to the servants of God we understand what heaven is like. The only thing that we need is to receive them and let them usher us to heaven so that when the day comes to go, we will be raised to go to heaven. The reason why we are still here today is for us to fix the man inside us, so that when the day comes we will go to heaven. If we are not living by God’s word, we are not yet ready to go to heaven. If we walk with God our ways will change – the way we dress, live, walk, and do our things. There will be no need for someone to tell you what to do, but God will direct you. You will know what to do and what not to do as a citizen of heaven. You will not live like the world does. You will have authority.

There is a responsibility that Adam was given – the authority of being a god; to be able to speak a word and it happens and to command things into being. But because of sin, the authority was lost. There came a need for God to send his servants to change the people; to speak about heaven. They have power and authority that they are given to speak about heaven. The responsibility of the man and servant of God is to bring down the things of heaven to earth. They are given power over evil spirits, to command them out of people’s lives and destroy the works of darkness.


As we attend church services, it is not for fun but we are preparing for the inheritance that is waiting for us in heaven. We are attending a meeting, so that we discuss issues about the inheritance, so that we know what we will be doing when we get to heaven and living in our inheritance. We are at a big heavenly meeting. Listen. You are invited. Come to Jesus!