Saturday Service
There is nothing that makes me more unhappy than seeing people not receiving blessings but end up receiving curses instead. 
Psalms 105 vs 15
This verse contains a powerful warning concerning the servants of God. Today, I want to describe a servant of God, a man of God, or a woman of God. 
A man of God is a holy man. Our God is Spirit. He does not have a physical body to operate on this earth. Therefore, he chooses a body that he can use to do His work. The body will end up not doing its own will but God comes and takes control of it. The body will not operate on the natural level only but it will be controlled by God.

When the Word says “Man of God,” it means a person is no longer just an ordinary person but he belongs to God. The man can no longer live an earthly life but lives a heavenly life. This means that the person will no longer do normal things. The world will not understand how the man of God operates because they don’t understand the things that he will be doing under the anointing. The person becomes an ambassador of Heaven. If, for example, there is an ambassador of Iran in South Africa and that ambassador gets killed, it will be tantamount to a declaration of war. It simply means Iran becomes angry and retaliates. They will come to attack this nation because of that one person. It’s the same with the servant of God. They are ambassadors. Once you fight them, there will be arrows that will come to destroy or attack the person that is criticizing.

The title “Man of God” is from the Bible. It is used to respect the prophets. What I am worried about today is that these days we criticize the servants of God. There are many servants of God that are no longer doing their work because of us. Whosoever is reading this, never criticize any church or any man of God unless you get direct instruction from the Holy Spirit. There are people that are fighting with God every day. Some of the causes of this are the religion that we have been taught. We have lost the spiritual eye that can see the truth.

There are people that are no longer receiving the blessings of the Lord because they fail to accept the servants of God. The servants of God give us direction. If someone is anointed, stay away. Allow the Lord to take His place. If they do something wrong, allow the Lord to correct them Himself.